Jacob Pernell

Composer/Sound Designer/Developer for Games and VR

profileHey there! My name is Jacob Pernell, and I am a composer for games based in Seattle, WA.

I have traveled the world to pursue my passion in creating great game audio. After getting my BA at UC Santa Cruz in Game Design Psychology, I traveled to the land of kilts, haggis, and whisky to get my Masters at the University of Edinburgh in Composition for Screen. While in Scotland, I brought my passion for video game music to the community and co-founded the Edinburgh Game Symposium, which I co-directed from its inception until 2016.

I have had the pleasure of serving on a number of AAA and indie game teams in a variety of roles over the past several years, and have been involved as composer/sound designer for a number of projects, including Failsafe, Close Castles, OFFWORLD, and more. In addition to my game audio and VR pursuits, I enjoy speaking regularly at events such as PAX Prime and PAX Dev.

I am passionate about bringing worlds to life through audio and VR experiences. If you are searching for someone to do just that and think we’d be a good fit, please get in touch!