Welcome to my website!

Hey there! My name is Jacob Pernell, and I am a composer, sound designer, and developer for games and virtual reality. I am the co-Director of the Edinburgh Game Symposium.

Take a look around my site to see my work, and feel free to get in touch!

Latest Blog Post

Remix the SNOW HORSE Theme song!

Do you want to ride across the lands, just like SNOWHORSE?! Well now it’s your time to shred… with music! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ♪ I am delighted to present the official SNOWHORSE theme song remix project! This is not a contest, but rather a way in which the community can... read more


Jacob knows how to make music that truly encapsulates the spirit of a game's story. You could hack down pages of script and replace them with a Pernell track and be better for it.

Daniel Lisi

Managing Director, Game Over

Jacob immediately understood the creative direction we wanted to go in and delivered high quality music in a timely fashion. In addition, his enthusiasm for games also resulted in some great suggestions for game features we ended up implementing, which was fantastic! I would definitely work with him again.

Mark Cooke

CEO, Shiny Shoe

Jacob came to my rescue on more occasions than I care to admit. He’s an easygoing collaborator, whose work shines with an understated brilliance. I couldn’t ask for a better audio designer.

Sam Farmer

Game Designer - LAST LIFE, Rocket Science Amusements